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Beech Tree Cantina

599 Main Street , Hyannis, MA 02648 | 508-534-9876


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Restaurant Week menus cost $25, $30 or $35 for three- or four-course dinner, depending on participation and availability. Prices do not include beverages, tax or gratuity. Menus are subject to change.

About Beech Tree Cantina

Añejo Mexican Bistro serves authentic Mexican food in historical downtown Hyannis. In addition to their tableside guacamole and inventive Mexican menu, they are known for their outdoor bar built behind a magnificent English Weeping Beech tree, dating from 1776. According to legend, the tree is said to have been a gift from the Governor of Massachusetts as a reward to the town of Barnstable for their loyalty as the only town in Cape Cod to not vote for independence from England. It was decreed that the English Weeping Beech was ‘to be planted in the center of commerce', or as it is known today, the village of Hyannis.

Over two hundred years later, the tree still stands, offering inviting shade and a taste of history to diners. Today, guests can enjoy the atmosphere of colonial history, while sampling from the classic Mexican menu and creative libations in which the Añejo Mexican Bistro prides itself. 

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